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  1. Jay-Z was good up until BluePrint/Now Gay-Z
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  11. Whether you like it or not, Jay-Z is one of the Greatest!
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  14. ODB On da ROC!!!! Wut do U think?
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  21. My Look On Jay-z
  22. 4:09AM Bored S.P. Nas Diss
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  24. About The "Black" Album
  25. Roc-a-fella liquor
  26. Hate em or Love em?
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  28. Jay-Z "What More Can I Say?"
  29. "Change Clothes and Go"
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  31. Album Cover 4 The Black Album
  32. The Black Album Review(Song by Song)
  33. X-Quiz BLACK ALBUM review.
  34. Jay Z Retiring?
  35. Tha Black Album...
  36. Hova's Last Album?
  37. Anybody know?
  38. Autographed Jay-z Albums
  39. Illest Jay Bars/Lines
  40. what u reckon is jay's best & worst song?
  41. Dirt Off Your Shoulder Video
  42. Did Jay-Z shoot his brother?
  43. Best Volume?
  44. Jay-Z Retiring/Birth of Shawn Carter?!
  45. Exactly what album did Jay "Dumb down from his audience?"
  46. Ether Lyrics Analysis
  47. Peeps who Jay-Z has/does Ghostwrites for
  48. New Jigga album to be released on aftermath
  49. Jay-Z in forum shocker
  50. Jay Z Performs with Phish in Brooklyn
  51. Deep Thought meets Jay Z - The green album
  52. NOIR - The Management (Jay-Z)
  53. The Black Album Weak....
  54. The Gift or The Curse
  55. Jay-Z to S. Carter - Ignorant Shit
  56. Smart Jay move
  57. Y'all still Like Jay-Z?
  58. delete
  59. Jay-z!!!!
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  61. Jay z & Linkin Park:Collision Course
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  64. Rappers Better Than Jay-Z
  65. worst jay z album
  66. Jay-Z sucks
  67. Cassidy...Dissin Jayz
  68. Jay'Z on HOT97 with FOXY
  69. Should Jay-Z Have Retired?
  70. I Thought JAY Z Was Retiring????
  71. Who Would You Like Jay-Z To Work With Next?
  72. Reasonable Doubt vs. Illmatic
  73. Jay Z Is Trash!!!!!
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  75. Jay Z Murks The Game
  76. The Blueprint vs. Stillmatic
  77. Here are some of the lines Jay Z bit from Biggie, among others
  78. Biter!
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  80. THE NEXT "HOV"?
  81. R&B singer rell called me
  82. Jay-Z going back to Reasonable Doubt style?
  83. Jay-Z's Protege Bleek Arrested
  84. Cold As Ice (ft. Cassidy)
  85. Jay#1 is Back
  86. Dear Summer
  87. Jay'Z invest in Beauty Shops?
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  89. Jay-Z "Takeover" or Nas "H to the Omo"
  90. any see this?
  91. JayZ XXL cover!!!!
  92. Whose more on point in da game rite now over Jay-Z??????
  93. What the hell is that Jay-z song called?
  94. T.I. and Jigga
  95. The Black Album Lyrics
  96. New Jay-Z remixes
  97. Jay-Z or Game
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  99. Reebok Advert (Jay-Z)
  101. Blue Print vs Reasonable Doubt
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  103. Is Jay Z The Best Rapper Alive
  104. jay-z for dummies
  105. who would win this one.....
  106. Which volume is ur fav?
  107. swagger jacker(biter)
  108. Whic version of "Dead Presidents" do u like more
  109. Jay-Z Grey Album for Sale on LP
  110. jay-z biter or just unoriginal?
  111. Favorite Jay Z Quote
  112. Jay-Z or NAS
  113. Jay Z IS COMING TO THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  114. Jay Z
  115. sweet video of Jay at Radio City!!!
  116. we fly high dissin jim jones
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  121. Diddy feat. Keyisha Cole
  122. Show Me What You Got ringtone version
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  125. JayZ is a BITER (truth)
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  127. New Scarface
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  129. Dead Presidents 3
  130. A Very British American Gangster
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  132. It was all a dream mixtape
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  134. my apology
  136. Jockin' Jay-Z
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  138. Westwood - Jay-Z 'Diss statement' full interview
  139. Fav. Jay Quote
  140. Fuck jay Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  141. what jay-z song is this
  142. Multi im serious
  143. Jay-Z on Wayango
  144. For the real Jigga Fans
  145. Best Jay-Z album?
  146. which is most popular
  147. Put your questions to Jay Z
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  149. Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Album
  150. The Blueprint 3 (Album Review)
  151. Brand New Nokia X6 & Samsung i8910 Omnia HD for sale @ $17
  152. Jay-Z is planning a large series of concerts starts from 9 October to 22 November
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  156. S. Carter - Library of a Legend ( Discs!!!)
  157. Buy or Sell:Jay Z one of the most overrated rapper?
  158. Jay-Z announced to work on his next year after this year
  159. I can't see any threads in here?
  160. jay z is shite