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UK, Birkenhead
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Hip-Hop/Rap. Some Rock & Some Trance/Dance music.
I enjoy most films. A few of my favourites are:
Running Scared
Déjà Vu
The Usual Suspects
The Bourne Trilogy
40 Year Old Virgin
& There are so many other films I love.
Does it really matter..
Football (Soccer).
Everything I see & do. My family. Some of my friends.
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About me
I'm 16 and I live in Birkenhead, on the Wirral. Yeah, you guessed it, I make rap/hip-hop music. My real name is Kaveh Tobias Radfar. Anyway. I'm half Iranian, as my Dad & his side of the family come from there, but being born in England i'm also half English. I make music because it's what I enjoy doing, and from what my Dad has told me, it seems to run in the family.
I'm not in this to make it big, although if that one day happened, i'd be more than happy to carry it on. So yeah, that's basically me.

Oh yeah, i'm sound too.

Thanks to all the people helping me progress with my music and those who support what I do.
Other Interests
Hip-Hop, Making Graphics, Parties, Friends.
Began rapping when I was 14, a month before my 15th Birthday.

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