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JNProductions is slowly elevating to the top.JNProductions is slowly elevating to the top.JNProductions is slowly elevating to the top.

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Uk grime, Garage, Hip Hop, Rap etc.
Kidulthood, Rollin' with the nines etc.
Pizza, and any fast foods really1
Free Running, Producing Music, parkour!
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    About me
    Hey everybody our names are Jamie (Jarky) and Nick (Neenja) we used to mc and that back in the days but never serious, but now we got some free time we want to produce music and be serious this time we got the beats and the lyrics we are just waiting for the mic's to be delivered, then we will be recording, so please keep an eye on us we will be updating this frequently, i myself Jamie, i am originally from Uk, West Mids, Telford. i moved to my current location now which is Brisbane Australia, this is where nick lives too, he his originally from (South Africa,Johannesburg), we been producing now for about 3 months we are pretty new to this so don't expect the best, we will improve.
    so if any 1 wants to ask any questions or give any advice or opinions, write a comment, or add us:

    Jamie (Jarky) - j_v_b_0691@hotmail.com
    Nick ( Neenja) - kfdskater@hotmail.com

    Some of our songs:

    1. Dreaming


    2. Lost legends


    3. Modern World


    4. Without You


    5. Mortality



    All Rights reserved 2007 Jarky ft. Neenja Productions Copyright

    Other Interests
    music, free running, anything extreme.
    2 members, live in australia, originally from, south africa, and birmingham

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