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Finally a Mixtape that will find the best out of everyone on the internet (instead of just one website like most mixtapes).

If you think your one of the best rappers on the internet
Now is your chance to prove it!!!!!!!!

We are taking artist submissions until june 15th 2008, when we will take the best 25 songs (determined by 5 judges) sent to us and mix them down into the WICKED WITS OF THE WEB MIXTAPE Vol.1
(There is a$10.00 entry fee to help produced and distribute the mixtape.)However we DO NOT make a profit.


The Charts
Once artists have submitted there entry they will be placed on an artist list/chart, there is 25 positions on the chart for the 25 spots on the cd. The artists will be placed on the charts in the order of the judges scores (1 being best - 25 being worst)The artist can check back frequently to see his/her spot on the charts and make sure there still good enough lol.

The mixtape will be available online at over 10 different websites
A link to the artist on all 10 sites for (1 yr).
All artist will recieve a free copy of the mixtape.
Guaranteed promo & respect for all artist that make it on the mixtape.

First Place!!!!!!!!!
The artist in first place will receive all the rewards of the other artists plus :
2 free beats
Spot on 5 websites for (2yrs)
And as much promotion needed to get well known

Your submission song in .mp3 format.
Your real name and artist name
Where your from
A website you can be linked to
and contact info

E-Mail Your Submisiion Entries to:

if you have any questions or comments i can be reached at the same E-Mail address.

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About me
The Kid - A.K.A - S-Ka-Paid
The Kid a.k.a S-Ka-Paid a.k.a B-Grhymes a.k.a Choke Your Favorite Rapper - Is a rapper/hip-hop artist, Producer, Manager, Designer, Beatmaker , Promoter, and Distributor from Peterborough Ontario Canada. S-Ka-Paid has rapped for 8 yrs (Known as The Kid)with his crew The Sick Click, Though he is still rapping with them on the side The Kid decided to try things out on his own. He is affiliated with Crookid Records and ILLimitable Ent. After his first solo cd "Take It or Leave It" The Kid started his next project "Son Of The Night" with help from (Zig-Zag The Instrumentalist) and (The Heist), It should feature artists such as The Sick Click, Hadee's Phinest, The Prodical Son, Kizzy, Spitz, J-Nyce, Skillz, Oneway, The Heist, and More.......It is excpected out june 1st 2008 so keep your eyes open. S-Ka-Paid is open to all challanges so if you a hater don't write some long msg complaining..............send your best diss track Here or to the email givin above. If your actually talented and want to collab, do a show, or need recording done S-Ka-Paid can also be reached Here or at the email givin above.
Other Interests
rapping, recording
i am a rapper/producer

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