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Eko Ren is slowly elevating to the top.Eko Ren is slowly elevating to the top.Eko Ren is slowly elevating to the top.

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I live in Brooklyn.
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Homepage reverbnation.com
Occupation Well, I'm a graduate student, but I also teach for food.

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Hmm... hip hop, obviously. Alternative rock. A lot of rock, really. Man, I don't know. The Beatles. Slug Atmosphere. Lupe Fiasco. Portishead. Massive Attack. Res. The White Stripes, lots of that. System of a Down. Rammstein. DJ Spooky. Darude. J R Writer. I mean, I listen to whatever sounds good to me.
Satires, but only indie directors make those.

So, I don't know, good movies. With thought behind them.
Not very much at all.
Delicious food.
I love road biking.
Revolutionaries, those who make a lot of money, my parents, and those closest to me. Like everyone else.
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    About me
    Well, I feel unique most of the time. I'm going to present that as a virtue.
    Other Interests
    Well, obviously, I rap. I also write (short stories and poems), draw, make instrumentals, have sex, go to parties and bars, a lot of smoking, and, oh, right, I go to school, too.
    By the time I grew up, I realized that I do a lot with my free time. Now I'm helping those around me indulge.

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