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Clusion 08-06-2006 09:15 AM

*READ* Graphics Arena Rules & Regulations [03/18/07]

A mod will set up every battle from now on, You need to go set a challenge up in the Challengers Area. Lay down the topic, due date, and any other details needed. Then a mod will set the rest up. If the thread hasn't been created within 2 days after you have set up the date, rules and such in the Challengers Area, you can PM a Mod to create the thread for you, please provide the link to the thread. You then need to check into your battle and provide Two valid link to where you have voted on another battle, you will need two new links per battle you have.

Voting rules:

Image Cutting:


^^That's how every vote shall go from this point on. You may add anything you like, but only subtract if the catagory was not displayed in the battle. For instance, if no animation was used, then you don't really have to vote on animation.

Voting shall only be done by graphics heads. For the vote to actually be valid you must have 50+ posts, and be an active graphics head. You must have dropped at least one piece to be able to vote too so we know that you actually have knowlege on what you are voting on. Also there is shall be no conversations in the threads, as this clogs and makes them annoying to tally up the scores at the end, you should only post to check in, post links, drop your piece, or vote. Thats All.

The winner of the battle will be:

The first to to get 5 Votes
The first to get 4-1 (TKO) or
The first to get 3-0 (KO)

However if after 2 weeks of the voting beginning if none of the paricipants get 5 votes, 4-1 votes (TKO) or 3-0 votes (KO), the one with most votes will win by default.

Battle Statistics:

The battle statistics will always be updated, the mods will know they need done, dont send PM's to mods wanting your battle varified. Mods arn't there to be nagged at, they will get around to it in there own time. If the battle has been finished and voting is over, and the thread hasn't been closed within 2 days, you may PM a Mod and request it to be closed and get the win/loss added to the system.

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