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Denz 01-24-2010 02:50 PM

Waka Flocka Speaks On Shooting, 'Somebody Was Sent To Kill Me'
Two days after getting shot in a botched robbery attempt, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame called in to local radio station, Hot 107.9, yesterday (January 21) to speak on the unfortunate incident. As previously reported, the Gucci Mane associate was attacked on Tuesday afternoon outside the Bubble Bath Car Wash on the Southside of the ATL. Longtime So Icey affiliate DJ Holiday informed XXLMag that the 23-year-old up-and-comer, born Juaqin Malphurs, suffered two gunshot wounds?one in the arm and one that entered through his shoulder and traveled near his lung. ?The bullet is lodged on the right side of his chest up under his arm,? Holiday said, ?and that?s where the most trauma was.? In a short phone call to the Durtty Boys on 107.9, Flocka told his side of what transpired. ?I really can?t breathe that good, but I?ma break it all down,? he said, pacing his words carefully. ?All I know was somebody was sent to kill me, but he was so scared, that he let me get out the car and grab what I tried to give to him. [He] hit me in my arm and my whole right side went out, so I couldn?t get him. But trust me, he coulda did the job if he wasn?t scared. That?s the word out to him and his people. I?m straight though, it just broke one of my ribs.? ?Shout out to everybody that?s been hating on me,? he added, ?Y?all can?t stop me.? Before getting shot, DJ Holiday says that he was working on a mixtape with Flame. Holiday, who is known for such popular Gucci Mane projects as The Writing on the Wall and The Cold War: Brrrusia, said that duo already recorded several tracks with many well known acts. According to Southern DJ, the duo already has songs with Lil Jon, Yung LA, Alley Boy, Yo Gotti, and of course, it will include some unheard material from Flocka?s mentor Guch. ?We try to do more personal records,? he said, ?records that I have with Gucci that nobody ain?t heard, that I might jump him on.?


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