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Re: Kronologik -vs- MaJiK (0-0)

Majiks Shyt!

Acceptin da battle, ***** you must be dumb/
Cuz like 'Chris and Neef' i got 'Gunz' that'll make ya die 'Young'//

blah.. fist lines a setup so not too bad..2.5/5

Fuck-a-subliminal... this a 'Straight up Diss'/
But everytime u 'take a shot' it 'never hits' like 'Ewing wit that lay-up Miss'//

stretched..i see the punch but i dont like it..2/5

Don't fuck wit MaJiK, my Punchlines put this ***** to rest/
My bullets 'Grind To Ya Heart' when i put the 'Clipse To Ya Chest'//

niiice..i liked this one...3/5

If this battle was for 'Money', like 'I-20' you'll have to 'Break Bread' dude/
I'll 'aim at ya head' like the 'Top Of A Hotel' when i leave you wit a 'Red Roof'//

great closer...3.5/5

11/20..not bad

Kron's shyt!

Like thirteen year olds watchin horror flicks, I'll Give~this~kid~a~fright
Now tell me how someone as colourful as M thinks all Englishmen~are~white?*

hahah that was funny^4/5

You and rhyming? Opposites that don't go together like tragical~grins
And reading Harry Potter books the only time I say that Magik'll~win

nice personal..i liked that one too..3.5/5

Deciding to battle? You~Magikly, should never've agreed~it~with~me
Coz last time "M&W" went together was when they were preceded~with~B**

great again...3.5/5

How can I defeat Magik? All the materials I needed are posted~in~guy's~sig
7-1? *yawn*...even Busta ain't impressed with ya KOs the way he closin~his~eye~lids

lol that was cool...although stretched..the punch was good..a dencent closer 3.5

15.5/20 ....very nice verse

OV: Kron... you too vote on my battle vs ILLADEN.. we need some votes from 200+ post people...
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