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King Cavi might aswell go to jail now...King Cavi might aswell go to jail now...

Fuck Draquo Pt. 2

Draquo has the tendency to lock threads / cuz he never flosses with the bread and the only other time he likes to lock things is when he gets lock jaw from giving head / I want to take a plane ride to Greece and eat pasta / and fuck every Greek dime that Draquo would have to pay a cost fa' / This verse is like Godfather Pt. 2 cuz the first napalm bomb wasn't enough / I think that Smooth Operator should put a pic of Draquo in his dipset sig instead of Hilary Duff / that would be much more amusing / cuz even a small white girl has the ability to give Draquo a bruising / Stop locking my threads and respond like a man / I'mma half a key ***** draquo is less than a quarter gram / I'm like Big Pun the way I'm crushing you, man / and midgets should stay indoors and color books with crayolas / I'm the Ayotallo / and your a peasant fam / and this rhyme ain't a diss it's an early christmas present so I hope you understand.
Originally Posted by Magor Mike
I am a Wigga
Magor Mike whining about people picking on him.

Originally Posted by Magor Mike
... Magggggor you gay Magoorrrrrr your fat Maggggoor your a wigga Magggorrrr ...

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