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Re: Dominate -vs- DunLo (new thread)

Originally Posted by -kNucKLeZ- View Post
lol this shit is a joke..every other line is some ridiculously stretched wordplay that sounds ridiculous

"And “Swayze Chin- Every Time it’s a Close Shave” like Patrick with Good Grooming"

are you serious?

So the Belt? Only way to Collagen - you Entitle… is Permitting Cosmetic Surgery

that shit sounds dope out loud huh nice lyricism lol

Y'all can play Witness – You’d only see DunGen-a’-rate Sickness if Prisons Critiqued MY Verse
again do you even say this "wordplay" or are you some def mute who doesnt understand the concept of pronouncing words

and the other bum

My '3 votes' will dawn in you'd think I was 'delivering Pizza's', the way I'll leave 'Dom-in-O's'!!
not so much stretched as it is just garbage

This Pshycho Raves High...but Dom's like 'Southern Asia', cuz he's only seen where the 'Title-Waves-By(e)'!!,
maybe the only good line of the battle

Get your Karma-Raped...Cuz he isn't worth 'TEN BARS', why you think I was skeptical to accept 'Dom-In-Eight'?!,

judging by the quote you suggested are you skeptical to accept domi n8 if you suggested the 8 bars

What a coincidence!!, except we only 'love Sum-Ur'' Rhymes'!!,
pure fuckin garbage.. you pronounce 'summer' as 'sum your' or even 'sum yur' are u fuckin serious?

Dun's Rippin' Weapon?...Is to leave 'Domin-Ate', like 'digesting six and seven'!!....

pure fuckin garbage

both of you should've been ashamed to even post these 'verses'...ridiculously stretched, garbage ass wordplay nearly every line by Dominate, and some god aweful nameflips and shitty ass wordplay nearly every line by Dunlo. I'd say the 'patick swayze/ sways each n every time' fecal matter was equally as bad as the 'sum your/summer' line, as both looked like something either someone with no concept of pronouncing words or speaking or hearing, or someone so completely out of ideas and creativity that their just putting pure shit out and pretending its good rather than elevating and stepping their fucking game up would write. There is no winner in this "battle" if you can bring yourself to call it that.. but if either had a more tolerable verse it would have to be DunLo...and thats the realest vote you'll get cuz if u honestly think that this shit you wrote was even halfway decent your playing yourself

Alright, I'm not one to generally take up for someone I don't know...So I won't start now. But I will say this..

Flattery will get you nowhere.
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