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Re: LW- Kronologik vs Twizted Stylez (2-0)

Kron's Rhymes

This dude Twizted? More crooked, pussy! like he jerked-a-tight-whore
'N like a bankrupt G-Unit, he's -50 (per)Cent on his merk-the-site-tour!*

This is okay. Good play on name.

Twizted & Style? The two don't match, like Don-Juans-n-limp-wrists
So 'set it up' and 'battle Johnny', like you got condoms-in-a-twist!**

Funny, but not until after I read the **. I didn't get it at first.

'TS' got it locked? Bout as likely as 'The Source' erasing-ad-pages
Your battle record'll never read 1-2, like Artemis facing-dark-ages***

This is okay, but like the other rhyme, the reference was kind of stretched.

Overall: I liked yo rhymes, but it seemed to me you tried too hard to make your words to connect. I mean, good wordplay, but it works better when people understand it readily.

Twizted's Rhymes

ither you must be overrated, or writer's block posed an interference
'Cuz your skill's so Lost, FOX offered you a cameo appearance

Lol. I liked that.

And stop your shitty linguistics, even when you're in the zone,man
Your Eng. Lands so weak, you disgrace your entire homeland

this is okay. kind of wack actually.

If this hacksaw me in the street, I'd lumberjack him with no waitin'
And hit him with enough axis to change the globe's rotation

This shit was cold. "hack saw=hacksaw", "lumberjack", "axis=axes", "rotation", . . . wordplay was on point. The punch hit hard. I think this line did it for me.

Overall: No doubt you have skill, you tripped on the second bar, but besides that you had good punches that flow on point and are easy to catch.

This battle was good. U only spit three bars each, but they were good. I liked Kron's rhymes, but didn't catch them as easily as Twizted's. He just had better pop culture references, while Kron going into Greek mythology. So my vote goes to Twizted. No hate on Kron though, I respect your skill.
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