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Nick Cleggs 'Hip Hop' Musical

The "rise and fall" of the UK's deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, is to be the subject of a new Hip Hop inspired musical premiering as part of HighTide's 2011 season.

The musical named 'Nicked' has been written by Richard Marsh and has music by DJ Natalia Sheppard, forming part of the HighTide Festival at Halesworth, Suffolk.

The HighTide artistic director Steven Atkinson has been quoted mentioning the musical will be "all hip hop and funky house" and confirmed the inclusion of the UK prime minister 'David Cameron' saying; "Cameron, Clegg and Brown and all the rest of them are all in it, but they're all rapping. It's very funny"

The musical is still in the writing stages according to Atkinson it will be finished around the month of May to allow the inclusion of the change in the UK voting system noting "I've got no idea how it's going to end."

Atkinson has indicated there will be a 'Rap Off' (Rap Battle) between Cameron and other ministers about the possibility of a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, he also added that he has been given permission to use Number 10.

Atkinson has not mentioned exactly what the sound track to the musical will be so we will have to just wait and see but the fact that it has been confirmed to be Hip Hop orientated shows he is trying to reach an urban audience.
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