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Re: Who supervises the SuperMods

Originally Posted by Fixion. View Post
Nah, I fully agree with Kat..

Us vets were on this site for fucking years and because we leave for a bit this dude things he can just run us off!? Denz, I was on this site for 3 or 4 years puttin' in Mod Work, and dropping as much as I could to make this place that other MCs would venture to create.


Because this dude is power hungry and thinks he can just toss anyone he wants off the site? Get real man, this dude is useless. Please tell me what the guy has done for our site EVER!? As an emcee, person, or ever a mod...

NUMEROUS people have inquired to his removal of Super Mod, and I fully 100% support the idea to demod him. I will come on this site daily and Super Mod just so that we can attempt to get this site to what it was.

This shit is a joke and needs to be dealt with ASAP.
i thought u was a supermod now b.....or did that horrible man alborosie mess that up for you?
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