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When setting up a battle:

Make sure that the battle is confirmed in the challengers thread FIRST before creating your threads in the Arena. The rules pertaining to the battle MUST be agreed upon IN THE CHALLENGER THREAD regarding your battle. This is to prevent any dispute among the battlers as far as the rules go.

Members are to first cleary verify WHO they are battling against. Name VS Name ONLY spelled exactly the way it's presented. DO NOT create battle threads using any type of slandering and(or) other alias for you or your opponent.

Example of proper set up: ..Malagen.. VS Nfurno

Example of improper set up: ..Malanus.. VS NFagno

Only create threads with the EXACT names of you and your opponent.

Once Your Battle Thread Is Set Up:

The creator of the thread is to add the rules and stipulations of the battle (which should already have been agreed upon in the challenger thread). Naturally, the creator of the thread will also be considered as the 'first post' in that thread. The SECOND person to post in the battle thread MUST be the other battler. This is done so the Battle System can record your wins without you having to PM Mods or S- Mods. If you Do Not set your threads properly and the system doesn't record your wins, you'll be lucky if a mod fixes the issue. It's not the responsibilty of the MODS to waste time fixing stats when all you have to do is properly set the thread and make sure you and the other battler are FIRST to post. If anyone is caught breaching the set up as far as posting before the second battler does, you WILL get banned from the Arena on sight and the battle will be closed.

Check ins are no longer manditory unless stated in the rules. If two members agree to battle and the thread is set, no check in is needed. No member should agree to battle unless they are at least 95% sure they're going to show.


Each member is required to provide two links to other battles they have voted on in order to keep their own battle open. If links are not posted by each battler, the battle will be closed until the links are PM'ed to a MOD. Post you links WITH YOUR VERSE either on the top or at the bottom... Mods will edit your post if you make separate posts for links..

Closing of Battles:

Battle threads will be closed and moved to the archive upon completion. If you thread has been closed for any any reason, a mod will make a post telling why, which then you'll need to PM A mod once the issue is resolved if it can be.

Dead Threads:

If a thread has no activity within 7 days, the thread will be closed and moved. If you have due dates, then 7 days after the due date with no activity leads to a closed thread. No more grace periods will be offered unless the circumstances deem it necessary.

'Uppin' Threads is no longer to be done by the battlers. Too many members are 'uppin' battlers to the point where it floods the thread. A MOD will be on duty to up your thread TWICE A DAY if needed. If you're caught uppin your own thread, it will be deleted and you'll be docked one vote.

Posts in Battle Threads:

The appearance of the battles thread should look as followed:


Any other posts needed will be made by a MOD and ONLY a mod.

No Shows:

Will as always result in a DQ. 3 No Shows within a months time will result in a week ban from the Arena.


This rule will not be tolerated at all. There is to be nothing else in a battle thread besides rules, two verses, and votes. If you're caught freeposting, your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning. 3 freepost warnings will result in a 2 week ban from the Arena.

There will be a thread for you to voice your opinion as far as the battles go. Only in that thread should you input anything pertaining to your battle. This will be in regards to hate/DR votes of any kind. Basically anything that causes any member not to be content with the progress of a battle.

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