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New Royce Interview (At Least I Think So)...

BallerStatus.net: I want to go back a little bit for those people who aren't familiar with who you are and what you do. How long have you been rhyming?

Royce: About 9 10 years.

BallerStatus.net: 9 10 years. Who were some of your earlier influences?

Royce: I was influenced by Redman. He probably was like the first person that I heard and I was like, "I want to do that." The first Chronic album really changed things for me, just as far as how big the sound was and just the album being all one theme - one particular theme (laughs) it didn't make me wanna smoke weed, but (laughing) I damn near felt like it sometimes, just listening to that album. That's how much of an influence it had.

BallerStatus.net: Why Redman?

Royce: You know what, I don't know. Redman is just dope to me still and just back then his whole sound was always dope to me 'cause Redman always sounds like Redman no matter what. Redman has been Redman through all the changes hip-hop has been through and he's just been original to me, so I just always latched onto that dude.

BallerStatus.net: How difficult was it being from Detroit trying to get in the game?

Royce: It wasn't that difficult for me. Obviously, I came up through [Eminem]. Eminem, just opened the door for a lot of people, so it's kind of like the industry is really paying attention to what Detroit has to offer - it's getting easier. It was real hard like before us, but once he signed his deal and I signed mine, it was like wide open.

BallerStatus.net: Would it be fair to say that having worked with Eminem helped expedite your career and slow it down at the same time?

Royce: Yeah that's about accurate because I mean obviously from being around him things really picked up for me and then when the relationship kind of swayed - people what they do naturally is they take sides. No matter what you get involved in there's always going to be division, so you're always going to have certain people that will take a side or just divide you. A lot of things with that relationship swaying slowed things down for me definitely, but I think everything happens for a reason. A lot of things slowed down for me due to that relationship and a lot of things were going fast for me due to that relationship, so I don't really have any feelings about it either way. I'm just thankful for the things that went fast and the things that went slow I can't really complain.

BallerStatus.net: Was there really a beef between you and D12 and if there was what was it really about?

Royce: It wasn't really beef from the stand point of what I consider beef. I think it was more so a disagreement and a lack of communication - a communication gap that no one even cared to fill. It was so much being said around the situation, that it blew up in everybody's face. It started with just a bunch of talk basically, never was a problem with me and [Eminem] directly. They said some things and I said some things - that's about as far as it went. I wouldn't consider it beef. I like to just say that we all agree to disagree. Everybody's moving on with their careers, not even really speaking on that anymore.

BallerStatus.net: I know that you have been through a lot of personal things as well as on the business level. Do you think that any of those things have hindered your career or helped you?

Royce: I think they all helped me. Its different ways that you learn things; some people are taught things. I was taught a lot of things, but there were a lot of things that I wasn't taught that I had to learn from making mistakes. Those mistakes obviously hindered certain things in my career at that time, but they helped me in the long run 'cause they taught me to: number 1, deal with people; number 2, deal with the business and just how to be as a person, 'cause a lot of this stuff was just new to me. I was just young and hot headed, so now I kind of know how to deal, so I definitely think it helped me.

BallerStatus.net: One word description of your style and why?

Royce: Diverse, diverse because mentally right now, I don't feel there's a record or a style of record that I can't do. If I had to define my style it would just be diverse because I'm really moving from day to day. In my mind feeling like, in order to accomplish something you never accomplished or get something you never had, you got to be willing to do something you've never done. Now, it's just me trying to do different styles of records, just pushing the envelope a little bit and seeing what I can come up with instead of closing the door on different types of styles and stuff like that. I'm definitely looking forward to bringing across more diversity and just showing people everything I can do as opposed to just one side of me.

BallerStatus.net: Personally, I don't regret anything that I do nor say. Do you have any regrets? At one time commercially you were almost there - or you were there and now you are still an underground household name, but you've lost your commercial appeal.

Royce: Nah, I'm kind of like you when it comes to that. I don't really regret nothing I do or say. Obviously, if I do or say it, I feel strongly about it at that moment. People grow and look back and say, "if I hadn't said or did that, things would be different," but it's still things I can do in my future to change my situation, so I don't regret anything. I think everything happens for a reason and I dont think it was meant for me to just come out under a label or under Slim that way. I think it was meant for me to go the route that Im going and just do things myself and be more of a self contained unit and it's working out for me just on that path right now.

BallerStatus.net: Are you still based in Detroit?

Royce: Still in Detroit...

BallerStatus.net: okay M.I.C, what's behind the name?

Royce: It stands for "Make it Count." I felt like if I'm gonna start a label, I would like for everytime I hear the name, it should be something that motivates me, so "Make it Count." If I do an interview, I want it to be the best interview it can possibly be for what it is. If I do a song, I want it to be the best song it can possibly be for what it is. Every studio session, I go in there with that mind frame, I just "Make It Count."

BallerStatus.net: How long did it take to put it all together? Is it a mixtape or album?

Royce: It's a mixtape. It's kind of like a collage of songs that I just worked on a day to day basis. It goes into saying, "make it count." Instead of sitting around, going from album to album, just never stop working.

BallerStatus.net: Ok

Royce: I call them work out songs (laughs). If I go in the studio and I'm not working on any particular project, I'll just do a song and that'll be just something I'm doing to exercise the right to do it. Then instead of sitting on a song or leaving it in the computer, I'll put it out. That's really how I do. That's basically what the mixtapes are. It's like something that I'll put out to bridge the gap in between albums, instead of trying to lean on DJ's to get the Kay Slay's, the Big Mike's - all of them (laughs) to put my freestyle first - I'll rather put my own freestyle out. That's how I try to do it.

BallerStatus.net: I noticed a lot of collaborations, a lot of the names I'm not really familiar with. I recognized Notz from working with w/Ghostface and G-Unit, so the other collaborations on your mixtapes are they family?

Royce: Yes, family and local.

BallerStatus.net: So, you're trying to put local people on?

Royce: Yeah, yeah. I got criticized for not working with Detroit people when I signed my first deal, but it was for a reason. I was never home, I was in NY recording an album, so it's hard to link up with a lot of Detroit people when you're not seeing them. That's one of those things that I looked back on, like you know I could make an effort to work with more Detroit people and bring more people to the forefront 'cause it's people out there who are talented. They just don't have the opportunity, so that's kind of what I did with this mixtape.

BallerStatus.net: Have you started your own label?

Royce: M.I.C. is the name of my company as well.

BallerStatus.net: How did you hook up with Sure Shot Recordings?

Royce: Sure Shot... my man Chris Landry. It's his company and he's somebody that I met through Game (Records), who I'm used to dealing with - hes good peoples. I felt like, "let me merge my company with his company and lets try and make some money."

BallerStatus.net: I know, that's right (laughs)! What do have lined up? Collaborations?

Royce: (laughing) Right now, it'll just be another mixtape... I'm gonna do a volume 3 before I put the next album out. My man Notz is doing the whole album. That's going to be like a highpoint in my career, that album because I'm gonna put a lot of ideas into it. I got a lot of ideas. My prediction is it's gonna be one of the best hip-hop albums ever.

BallerStatus.net: How are you pushing it?

Royce: We gonna actually go for the label deal for that one.

BallerStatus.net: That'll be great, people do enjoy you

Royce: Yeah we gonna keep putting the mixtapes out, but then when it comes to that album, we gonna actually we're gonna really push that one.

BallerStatus.net: Anyone that you want to work with that you haven't?

Royce: You know, that's always a hard question to answer. It's nobody that I wouldn't work with, but it's nobody that I feel I just got to work with. Sure I would love to work with R.Kelly, Jay-Z or anyone else - but I'm kind of like, keep my family on my radar... and myself, just trying to like stay in our own little world. Just try to perfect what we're doing, not having my areas of interest broad, but the door is always open for collaborations.
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Re: New Royce Interview (At Least I Think So)...

cool read, is that all of it?
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Re: New Royce Interview (At Least I Think So)...

nah the site cut it off, heres the link to it: http://www.ballerstatus.net/feature...php?id=17451982

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Re: New Royce Interview (At Least I Think So)...

"this page can not be found, or no longer exists"

good read, but i wanna read the whole ting

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Re: New Royce Interview (At Least I Think So)...

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