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Re: Fav Actor/Actress

Mike Epps- Next Friday, Friday After Next, All About the Benjamins
Christopher Walken-All his Movies
Chris Tucker- All his movies but the 5th Element (The whole Tranny thing)
Samuel L. Jackson- Pulp Fiction, Formula 51
Method Man/Red Man- How High
Eva Mendes- Everything, That bitch is too fine
Broken Lizards- Super Troopers
Brad Pitt- Snatch
Rodney Dangerfield- Caddyshack, Back to School
Chris Rock- Lethal Weapon 4
Edward Norton- American History X
Kevin Spacey- Life of David Gale
Deniro-All his movies
Eminem- 8 Mile (I thought he did a good job)
John Travolta- Swordfish
Ewan Mcgregor-Big Fish
Any movie with Pacino

And Kelly Clarkston in From Justin to Kelly.

"I never been a sucka, I never been a bitch,
I never been a busta, I never been a snitch,
I'll never be a punk, you'll never make me quite
Shady don't give a fuck, well I don't give a shit
Thats how the fuck it is, you better regognize
Cause where the fuck I'm from there is no second try's,
There is no second guesses, it only takes a second
Detroit, strap up your boots it's time to be respectin"- Vishiss


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