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The Written Wall Share your graffiti pieces and get some tips from fellow heads.

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X2daJ is real whack arounds these partsX2daJ is real whack arounds these partsX2daJ is real whack arounds these partsX2daJ is real whack arounds these parts

Y. Pestis- Site Diss

Hey, Massood Ullah, cute shit. Banning the mean guy out of fear. You and you fuck mate Romeo Playdo Po sure got some gay new names. I guess Dennis Craig and Diablo were too manly for a gang of queens like you two.

Romeo, I saw your "battle" against bang star, and you're two steps worse than wack. Time to set shit down before that feminine bitch Massood aka dennis craig bans me in fear again. Faggots.
__________________________________________________ ________

Homo Romeo is unaware of the concept of literature
He misses his shots pulling the trigger like that gay bitch in his signature

The fuck's up with that gay white bitch, is this QueersRUs.com?
This site is a farce, what the fuck's gone wrong?

Massood ullah aka dennis craig aka missus Napoleon Complex
bloated ego like a convex or his rectum after 4 hours of gay sex.

The plague of lame gays in this same lane is played days late,
Warming with the intro to slay, say "X stop raping them"

Activity on this site down to a whimper, barely a whisper
the only folks left blubber shit out of their asses like anal fissures


Been banned for three months, I haven't seen once
Any pretense of intelligence from these weak chumps, be thumped.

"blaow" is the code of a faggy bitch in the "smilies" section
Denz let this site down by getting mods from a gay cover of One Direction

The fact is these wack kids can't rap shit if they were bagging feces
Supercedence of credence, these cretins only give dicks a damn beating

Skills here are zero, I'm the hero, a raging bull like DeNiro.
Intelligence here is nothing, replaced with bullshit and ego

The combined age of active members here is around what... 45?
Denz, man, you failed in your quest to keep a rap forum alive.

Are you mad, because you should be, lookie, here's a cookie.
You left this site's fate to a queer and a rookie.

Which one's which? Romeo and Massood are both gays with no game.
It's ok if you wanted rw up in smoke like crack cocaine.

The site was doomed since it was left to The Bitch Two, it's news
They're designed for crippled performance, like hand shoes.

All they do is kiss each other's asses, like school in the summer they're classless.
They let this fuckin' site go flat like Kansas.

Fuck this Sigfried and Roy boy-touching nutless gutless duo of bitches
They play with more dudes packages than Best Buy on Christmas

Words can't describe how useless these pussies are.
More useless than spermicide in a lesbian bar.

Watch me get banned by the fag once known as Dennis Craig, killed hoe.
"Prepare that Anus"? Fuck "barz" like when Romeo uses a rectangular dildo

Gayest of All Time, barz romeo and dennis hold that down easy.
These bitches got owned like the term "playtime" by Pee-Wee.

These punchlines were hurting, I ripped these queer marks dirty.
Assassinated these feeble punks like the premise of Zero Dark Thirty.

Go fuck yourselves. I wait your pitiful attempts at rationalization against this unrecoverable beating. That faggoty bitch in the green hat and shirt in the smilies section sucked eighty six thousand penises.
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